Cork Capital is a new business support fund established by the founder of Michael Mulcahy with the support of a number of Cork business people interested in supporting job creation and entrepreneurial spirit. With their own money and a five year plan to assist in the creation of new jobs and enterprising businesses and organisations, their purpose is to support businesses and projects that they can bring value to with funding and mentoring, assist in creating a job or jobs and creating a value for the promoter and the fund and a local community that a project will be based in. The value of the five year fund will be determined by the projects that are suitable for support. Michael Mulcahy, Founder & CEO of Business Cork said “In this the 30th year of Business Cork and with the ethos of what we have always been about in those three decades which is all about promoting Cork positively, we wanted to do something even more positive and I asked a number of prominent Cork business people if they would be interested in being involved in a strategy that would assist job creation and business development for Cork. Their immediate support of the model which will be announced on December 1st 2019 was exceptional and I am looking forward to rolling out this new concept that we feel will benefit many who are entrepreneurial in their approach to starting a new business, developing an existing business and supporting job creation and in turn supporting the economic development of Cork”.